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  • Dian

    "The service is very good. I welcome the fact that the documents are delivered, which is good for my kind of schedule.  I don't have to leave my office. The staff member who delivered the documents is very professional and courteous.  I also welcome the fact that i can rely on getting the loan once i ask.  The facility is sure."

  • Stacia

    "A few months ago I had a medical emergency and a friend recommended KP Loans. The online application process was really short and user friendly.  I was so surprised at how quickly I was contacted after submitting my application. It was the smoothest loan process I had ever experienced."

  • Alesia

    "I must say KPLoans offer good payment plan and low interest rates. The company was recommended to me by a good friend, which i very much took advantage of. I never had second thoughts about refinancing.  Kploans continue to make changes in peoples life."

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